The Standard has Introduced a New Product!

4 January 2017
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4 January 2017, Comments 0

As of January 3, 2017, the Standard introduced its newest product, Platinum Advantage.

In preparation for the product release, we have developed five sales opportunities for your reference when marketing this new product.

Physicians, surgeons, dentists and attorneys who are interested in the highest quality product.

With Platinum Advantage, these professionals can get Specialty Own Occupation protection combined with unlimited coverage for disabilities stemming from mental disorders or substance abuse

Individuals who want to protect against losing income while caring for a seriously ill or injured family member in their future.

Standard’s exclusive Family Care Benefit helps protect their income if they need to take time off from work.

Clients in all occupational classes who anticipate substantial income growth.

Standard’s no-cost Automatic Increase Benefit and Benefit Increase Riders give them the opportunity to increase their coverage without going through medical underwriting.

Physicians and dentists who carry a heavy student loan debt.

Standard’s Student Loan Rider can reimburse monthly student loan expenses if they become disabled.

Business owners who may not lose earnings immediately, even though they can’t work full time

With Standard’s Enhanced Residual Disability Rider, they can satisfy the waiting period with a loss of income or duties or time.

Below is a PDF, free to use and download, that provides examples of the Platinum Advantage versus the Protector Platinum.

Download (PDF, 451KB)


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